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7 Tips On How To Use A Grammar Corrector

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Finding a good grammar corrector is the best thing that a writer can ever own. Good grammar is the heart of communication, and everyone should strive to write in good grammar to get readers. (Read more about Grammarly in this Grammarly review).

Everyone wants to have their works read because it gives them a sense of purpose. Knowing that someone is looking forward to reading your work because of your grammar is motivation enough for you to produce even more work. The following are tips on how to use a grammar corrector:

Grammar Corrector – Tip number 1: Do not use synonyms blindly

Not every synonym can replace a word. Some synonyms are contextual, and hence are good for certain circumstances. Replacing all words with their synonyms can interfere with the readability and comprehensibility that a grammar corrector seeks to check. Avoid making word replacements for every word in your article. Research a synonym very carefully before inserting it in your document, or use the ones you understand best.

Grammar Corrector – Tip number 2: Cross check the sentence for cohesiveness and coherence

Coherence and cohesion are important devices in any piece of art. Writing does not make sense if these two components are missing. Checking individual sentences through the grammar corrector can alter the meaning and flow of the document. So you will be required to make some simple alterations to retain the original meaning of the document. Grammar correctors check the structure of individual sentences but not the flow of the entire document.

Grammar Corrector – Tip number 3: Use common sense

There are times you do not require a grammar corrector. This tool is only useful when it comes to prose writing. Subjecting the verses from your poetry through grammar checking procedures will only leave you frustrated. This tool checks the structure of sentences to ensure that they obey the rules of that specific language. If our document is in English, for instance, the grammar corrector will be changing every sentence that is not in the order of S-V-O. Some forms of writing, such as poetry and song lyrics, can be very boring if they obeyed this S-V-O rule.

Grammar Corrector – Tip number 4: Maintain your style

For your work to be original, you need to have your own personal style. It would help if you compromised your own style to fit. This will interfere with the originality of your work. Use the grammar corrector carefully to ensure that the style is not lost or jumbled up.

Grammar Corrector – Tip number 5: Listen to your guts

Sometimes, it is hard to take all your documents through the grammar corrector. There are times when a sentence does not just sound right even after checking and correcting its grammar. Correct a whole paragraph instead of using the sentence-to-sentence approach.

Grammar Corrector – Tip number 6: Not every underlined sentence is wrong

In the field of writing, there is nothing such as a wrong sentence. Your grammar can be poor, but your work will never be wrong. Please focus on the idea you want to communicate, put it down, and then check it carefully. These tools can underline a sentence if you have misspelled a word within the sentence. A single error of omission such as leaving “I” in the word “in” can impact the entire sentence. In this case, you need not panic or say that your grammar is poor.

Grammar Corrector – Tip number 7: Do some manual document proofing

Grammar correctors underline mistakes, and this can interfere with your self-esteem. Seeing so many sentences underlined can make you feel like a failure. Minor spelling errors can cause a whole sentence to be underlined, which does not mean that you are a poor writer. Always proofread your work manually before using the grammar corrector.

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Grammar correctors are aimed at improving the comprehensibility of your document. Use it as a chance to learn new grammar tips. Do not just make clicks to remove the underlined sentences; learn why a sentence should be changed and not be left the way you wrote it. Stop focusing on the errors that you made while writing because they are normal. Even the most proficient typist can make typos, and the most prolific writer makes grammar errors. Congratulate yourself for the skill to write; not everyone can get where you already are.