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Ask Camera OBS Windows (OMEGLE) Windows 10

Windows 10 Trouble : Camera OBS Windows (OMEGLE)
Error Trouble : Hey guys i have a problemi just got myself a Pc and turned it on im currently doing youtube and do stuff with omegle i tried to connect omegle with my obs virtual cam but it always say that ther Error with camera: Requested device not found i tried everything from setting int my privac to other browsers or updates before i had a mac and there was no problem and i reylla dont know how to fix it i really need help and its quite dpressing to not get any picture please help

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Question : Camera OBS Windows (OMEGLE)
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How to Fix Camera OBS Windows (OMEGLE) on Windows 10?

  1. by the way i tried with skypy if the virtual cam works and was all fine its only thru omegle and the browser

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