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Ask Disable Reader while using Magnifier? Windows 10

Windows 10 Trouble : Disable Reader while using Magnifier?
Error Trouble : Hi!Since one of the recent updates to Windows 10, I now seem to be stuck with the new version of the Magnifier tool, which seems to have incorporated a screen reader, which seems to be separate from the regular Narrator.For absolutely no good reason I can think of, there seems to be no way to turn it off.I could just about live with that, muting the Magnifier app (WTF, why do we need to mute a MAGNIFIER? O.o), were it not for the fact that the modifier key(s) interfere with my use of… well, everything.Instead of performing the desired action, CTRL+ALT-clicking now not only reads what ever I

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Question : Disable Reader while using Magnifier?
Update : Last reply July 14, 2021
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How to Fix Disable Reader while using Magnifier? on Windows 10?

  1. There’s no way to change it, those “reading shortcuts” you have are the only options. Although it seems super unlikely that you’d accidentally invoke the reading if you used something like “Caps lock” (it’s not common to be holding down the caps lock key while also clicking), so that might be one way to just avoid it.

    Unfortunately your only remaining options are:

    A) Send feedback so the team knows how this impacts you (open the built-in Feedback Hub app and file your thoughts under the Magnifier category). The team does read this and while it doesn’t guarantee they’re going to institute a change, it does shape their plans and they do respond to feedback.

    B) Use another tool. Microsoft’s “Zoom It” tool is one a lot of pros like, although I personally am not a great fan of it myself.

  2. In reply to CmdrKeene’s post on July 8, 2021

    Thank you for your reply!

    Yes, my grievances about the shortcuts are more principal in nature, thinking of general usability for power users who would like to be able to use custom shortcuts and not be limited, while I believe I could do with Caps Lock in my current setup without conflicts at the moment.

    It just seems wrong to give the user a limited set of modifier keys, especially without an option to turn it off

    I will do both A and B

    …oh my, ZoomIt is just no replacement:

    No multi monitor support

    No zooming further in/out, just toggling between a preset percentage and 100%

    Z-index issues with some apps/UI elements

    I’m going to have to shop around for a bit ^^

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