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Windows 10 Trouble : Mail App for windows 10
Error Trouble : Why Microsoft made it so difficult to delete contacts, Usually a Right Click will bring up options one of which is delete – Easy. Not with Windows Mail app. With Windows Live Mail it was the easy way. I note I’m certainly not the only one complaining about this issue. Microsoft should change this Now

User : Lucy1000
Question : Mail App for windows 10
Update : Last reply June 25, 2021
Solved : Lucy1000
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How to Fix Mail App for windows 10 on Windows 10?

  1. Hi Lucy1000

    How are you? I hope you are doing good.

    Welcome to Microsoft Community. I am Juliet, an independent advisor. It’s my pleasure to help you today.

    I would suggest you send feedback to Microsoft with the Feedback Hub app.…

  2. In reply to Juliet Erum’s post on June 24, 2021

    Hi Juliet – thanks for your response – will have a look see when I’ve the patience – 74 ya know so tried enough today on my own. Will try to get to it tomorrow &, let you know.

    I already sent Feedback – perhaps Microsoft will see the light & revamp this problem. Otherwise, the app is rather good – I was using Windows Live Mail until it was corrupted during a Windows 10 update/grade which I put a stop to & no longer receive. Once bitten – Twice shy.

    Thanks again – Back to you soon

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  3. You are always welcome 🙂 Just take your time, and I will always be here. <3
  4. In reply to Lucy1000’s post on June 25, 2021

    Sorry Juliet but I cannot find where to click to see your reply – most probably my age??

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