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Ask One drive keeps telling me I need to free up space. Windows 10

Windows 10 Trouble : One drive keeps telling me I need to free up space.
Error Trouble : One drive keeps telling me I need to free up space. How do you do that and given it tells me Im using 67mB out of 5 Gig why is it telling me my one drive is 91% full. It also seems to be killing my system perfromance and I have to keep rebooting just to type in stuffBascially it keeps ordering me to free up onedrive space links me to a page but doesn’t tell me how to do it.Please Microsoft I have become a slave to your software, its literaly killing me, Why do I have to have onedrive why can’t I just do my on back ups. This this software is taking control of my life and it Lastly h

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Question : One drive keeps telling me I need to free up space.
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Solved : Greg Carmack – Windows MVP 2010-2020
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How to Fix One drive keeps telling me I need to free up space. on Windows 10?

  1. Hi Ken. I’m Greg, awarded MVP for eleven years, Volunteer Moderator, and Independent Advisor here to help you until this is resolved.

    You should get an email notification of a reply, with a link to click to go to your help thread to read the reply and respond there in the thread. This is an interactive process. I give steps to perform, you do each one and then report back results until something works, so I know what to suggest next. If you need help performing any step, just ask back. But please do not skip any steps.

    OneDrive only offers 5gb free. It warns you when you get close to that because it won’t sync any files above that limit. Your choices then are to remove files, buy more storage which is cheap ($1.99 month for 1tb), subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 which includes 2tb storage, or use Google Drive backup which offers 15gb free and can sync all your user folders and not just Documents, Pictures and Desktop like OneDrive. More here:…

    OneDrive may have made changes to Settings without your knowledge, so go over them now to decide if they are what you want:

    If the Folder Protection Backup is chosen in OneDrive Settings > Backup Tab, then the User Documents, Desktop and/or Pictures folders will be moved into the OneDrive folder to sync to OneDrive and (if you want) your other devices. See Folder Protection details here to understand more and make changes if desired:…

    Then there is another setting for Pictures in OneDrive Settings > Backup > Automatically Save Photos & Videos to OneDrive.

    Also in Windows Settings > Devices > Autoplay make sure each Device listed is changed in the dropdown menu to Save to Photos app, unless you want them saved to Onedrive.

    Another setting designed for smaller hard drives removes files from the hard drive and stores them only in the cloud if Files On Demand is chosen in OneDrive Settings. This feature is described here:…

    If you don’t want Files on Demand then after disabling it, allow it to download all the files back to the hard drive before disabling Backup Folder Protection.

    I hope this helps. Feel free to ask back any questions and let us know how it goes. I will keep working with you until it’s resolved.


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One drive keeps telling me I need to free up space. fixed Laptop Windows 10 | Resolve One drive keeps telling me I need to free up space. PC Windows 10