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Ask Seting a registry key Windows 10

Windows 10 Trouble : Seting a registry key
Error Trouble : I want to do this pls help

User : ShivrajKothekar
Question : Seting a registry key
Update : Last reply May 20, 2021
Solved : DaveM121
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How to Fix Seting a registry key on Windows 10?

  1. Hi Shivraj.

    I am Dave, an Independent Advisor, I will help you with this

    To set that registry key, here are the steps:

    Click your Start Button, type regedit and hit Enter to open the Registry Editor

    Click View and make sure ‘Address Bar’ is turned on

    Paste this into the Address Bar at the top and hit Enter

    HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelAccessibilityBlind Access

    In the right hand pane, double click ‘On’.

    Set its Value Data to 1 and click OK.

    Close the Registry Editor and restart (not shut down) your PC.

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