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Windows 10 Trouble : Windows Game Bar Captures
Error Trouble : Hey so when I record and save a capture and go to watch my clip the video is squished into the top left corner is there anyway to stretch it out so it covers the whole screen?

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Question : Windows Game Bar Captures
Update : Last reply July 11, 2021
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How to Fix Windows Game Bar Captures on Windows 10?

  1. Hi,


    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Community Forums.


    I understand that Game Bar recordings are squished to top left corner. I’ll certainly assist you with the details.


    However, please let us know:


    Is this the first time you are using Windows Game Bar?

    Are you aware of any changes made to the computer prior to this issue?

    Which build version of Windows 10 is installed on the computer? Refer Which version of Windows operating system am I running?


    I would suggest you to refer the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the article Troubleshoot Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10.


    You may also want to try re-registering Game Bar and see if that helps. To do this, refer the steps mentioned below:


    Press Windows logo key + X and select Windows PowerShell (Admin)

    Now paste/type the following command and hit Enter: Get-ProvisionedAppxPackage -Online | Where-Object { $_.PackageName -match “xbox” } | ForEach-Object { Remove-ProvisionedAppxPackage -Online -PackageName $_.PackageName }

    Restart the PC.


    Let us know how it goes.



    Nikhar Khare

    Microsoft Community – Moderator

  2. In reply to Nikhar_K’s post on July 11, 2021


    I’ve tried the troubleshooting it and re-registering it but its still the same,

    Answer your questions are;

    2.No changes have been done to my pc
    3.Windows 10 Home

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