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Ask Windows Media Player – Media Usage Rights Windows 10

Windows 10 Trouble : Windows Media Player – Media Usage Rights
Error Trouble : I am unable to play music files I saved several years ago. When I check the Properties on an individual file and click Media Usage Rights, the message “This file is missing media usage rights” What does this mean? How can I play these files?

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Question : Windows Media Player – Media Usage Rights
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How to Fix Windows Media Player – Media Usage Rights on Windows 10?

  1. Hi NoraMartin1

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    It’s my pleasure to help you today.

    I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with this.

    Error: ‘The file is missing media usage rights’

    a. Cause of the error:

    Windows Media Player uses Microsoft Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology to preserve the rights of content owners who protect their music or video products in this manner.

    You must have the media usage rights required to play, burn, or sync protected content.

    b. How to update the DRM license:

    By default, Windows Media Player will automatically attempt to acquire usage rights silently unless the server requires some input from you (such as registration information or a fee). You can turn off automatic rights acquisition.

    If you do so, you will be prompted to obtain rights for any new content that requires them.

    To prevent Windows Media Player from acquiring rights automatically, do the following:

    i. Click the arrow below the Now Playing tab, and then click More Options.

    ii. Click the Privacy tab, and then clear the Automatically check if protected files need to be refreshed check box.


    I hope it helps 🙂


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  2. Something we all discover sooner or later is that music we bought and paid for online doesn’t always belong to us, even though we paid for it.  The details of our ‘ownership’ are buried in fine print, but what it all means is that, in most situations, we do not own the music we bought, Rather, what we actually own is the right to play the music. And that right can have lots of strings attached.

    The exact details in your case depend on where you got your music and what deal the seller struck with the copyright owner. It may be, for example, that you only have the right to play the music as long as you subscribe to the seller’s service, or you may only have the right to play it on certain devices, or you may only have the right to make so many copies of the music. There are many variations. Once you lose the right to play the music, the only way you can regain that right is to pay for it again.

    These are not rules that Microsoft created. They are a product of the music industry. Whenever you pay for music online, you must always find out exactly what you’re paying for. In most cases, you are not going to own the music. If you do want to actually own the music, you should expect to pay more.

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  3. In reply to Juliet Erum’s post on December 14, 2020

    Hi Juliet. Thank you so much for replying so quickly.

    I tried your fix but I don’t have a Now Playing Tab!!!!???? Under the SYNC button, there is a check mark that appears to relate to saving lists. Also, the music in question is from CD’s I owned and burned years ago.

    Any further help you can provide would be most appreciated.



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