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Help “Assure”, Windows 10

Windows 10 Trouble : “Assure”,
Error Trouble : I have paid up subscription but can’t get a response from Microsoft. Any ideas?

User : AlanLaVoy
Question : “Assure”,
Update : Last reply June 26, 2021
Solved : Greg Carmack – Windows MVP 2010-2020
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How to Fix “Assure”, on Windows 10?

  1. Hi Alan. I’m Greg, an Independent Advisor.

    Here is information about Assure Premium Support which was discontinued on March 21st, 2021:…

    If you are having a hard time getting help then go ahead and describe your problem now and I will help you as much as needed. Assure does not hire experts, they hire agents to read from scripts. In the forums here, you can actually find experts who are awarded MVP’s as the leading experts in their field.

    Please explain the problem in detail, including everything you’ve tried and what resulted exactly. I will keep helping you until the issues are resolved.

  2. In reply to Greg Carmack – Windows MVP …’s post on June 25, 2021

    I had Windows 10 Pro on my iMac via parallels for the past several years working successfully. Windows crashed and then disappeared completely (disappearance may well have been due to an errant keystroke on my part…don’t know). Subsequently, I attempted to install Windows 10 from scratch. The install was successful up to activation which failed due to lack of Product Key.

    My Microsoft Account shows the Windows device on the iMac but no product key.

    A note dated in 2017 indicates a similar issue at that time…see below

    10-7-17: Accidently deleted all apple data, including Windows 10 and Windows Apps. All Apple apps, including Parallels remained. Finally found out that if Windows 10 had been installed on the machine before, no Product Key is required. By using Windows.iso file left on iMac Desktop, skipping the Product Key entry screen, Windows 10 installed fine. Had to call Microsoft Help to Activate.

    I do have a Windows.iso file on my Apple desktop but no idea how to use it now.

    Would appreciate any assistance you can provide.

    Thanks Alan

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  3. Alan, as you wrote above a Product Key is not required. Most Windows 10 installs use keyless Digital Licensing. When you first install it registers the hardware in MS Activation Servers so that when you reinstall, skip the Product Key and then afterwards it will connect and find the hardware signature in the MS Servers and activate.

    To reinstall WIndows 10 on Mac using parallels see here:………

    If it doesn’t activate after install, how was Windows 10 originally activated on this device?

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