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Help Find my Windows 10 pro product key Windows 10

Windows 10 Trouble : Find my Windows 10 pro product key
Error Trouble : I bought a used Dell Dimension E521 desktop with a clean version of Windows 10 pro. I signed with my Windows account, but I don’t know if it activated or linked to my Windows account. Shortly after, my mother passed and I started using her desktop. I wanted to update the Dell desktop I bought, but it won’t completely boot up. It goes to the Dell blue screen, but it does nothing when I hit F12 or F2. Help!

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Question : Find my Windows 10 pro product key
Update : Last reply July 15, 2021
Solved : Luciano Breno 41
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How to Fix Find my Windows 10 pro product key on Windows 10?

  1. Hello how are you?
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    My name is Luciano L., I am here to help you in the best possible way.

    To view the system key, go to Windows Settings > Update & Security > Activation. If it is activated, it means that everything is normal.

    If Windows is not starting, try the following steps:

    Since the operating system is not starting, it is best to try to fix system errors using the Windows 10 media.

    Media creation tool

    To download the tool and create a boot disk from another computer, use the link:

    When downloading, accept the license terms, after clicking on the option Create installation media for another computer. Disable the Use the recommended options for this computer option and click Next after selecting:

    1- Language: (Your local language).
    2-Edition: (Select the Edition of your System) – If it is Windows 10 Home or Professional, select Windows 10, being Windows 10 Home Single Language, choose Windows 10 Home Single Language (You will find the Edition information in your Equipment Manual)
    3-Your processor architecture: 32-bit or 64-bit

    There are 02 options to Download Windows 10

    Flash Drive (Pendrive): Before selecting this option, format the Pendrive.

    ISO file: Upon completion, software that burns DVD will be required.

    After you have the Windows 10 Media or Pendrive, follow the next procedure:

    1. Insert the DVD or Pen drive with the installation of Windows 10;

    2. Make the equipment start the boot through it; (If you do not know how, check in the equipment manual how to change the boot order to start with the DVD or Pen drive, as you use it).

    3. As soon as the Windows installation screen loads, click Next and the Repair button will be available;

    To perform a System Restore to the Previous Point.
    Select Troubleshooting> Advanced Options> System Restore, then check for Previous points. A date on which your Operating System functioned normally.

    Fix startup errors
    Select Troubleshooting> Advanced Options> Startup Repair, and so wait until it is possibly fixed.

    Reinstalling the System Keeping Files.
    Select Troubleshooting> Restore your PC> Keep my files.

    1-Click Troubleshooting.
    2-Click Restore your PC.
    3-Click Keep my files.

    Note: We advise you to make a backup of your files on a mobile device as something like interruption of the update, lack of power, loss of signal from the internet, among others, may occur.

    I await news.

    We are always available!

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