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Help HELP! activate windows watermark Windows 10

Windows 10 Trouble : HELP! activate windows watermark
Error Trouble : So I was playing around, doing things I probably shouldn’t be, and I found some codes for windows 10 and entered them into the activate windows product key thing. Unexpectedly, one of them worked, but the activate windows watermark appeared. I wasn’t smart enough to copy down my original product key which isn’t on the laptop ( From administrator command prompt, using the command: wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey OA3xOriginalProductKey , and windows was pre-installed on my laptop from factory. ) I did the command after though, and it didn’t seem to change at all an

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Question : HELP! activate windows watermark
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How to Fix HELP! activate windows watermark on Windows 10?

  1. You have used a key for Pro edition which may have been the generic key or a volume key. Sorry to say the only way back to Home edition is a clean install. This will delete all data one the internal drive so start by backing up your current personal files.

    All apps and programs will need to be installed after the clean install from their original media/location.

    If you need instructions for a clean install then post back here. A clean install of Windows 10 Home will activate automatically using the licence embedded in the bios from the manufacturer.

  2. Hi Louis,

    I am Dave, an Independent Advisor, I will help you with this.

    When you entered one of those product keys you found online, most likely that has changed the edition (Home, Pro, Enterprise) installed on your laptop and if that id the case, to fix this you will need to completely re-install Windows 10 from a bootable USB.

    Open the Settings App, then go to Update and Security – Activation.

    On that page, what is the version of Windows 10 now indicated on that page, and what is the exact activation error on that page?

    Download the widely available free utility ShowKeyPlus and run that, what is the indicated pre-installed OEM version of Windows10?

    Power to the Developer!

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  3. There is unofficial method to downgrade from Pro to Home without clean install, but since this method required editing registry I recommend to take backup all files you want to keep safe. If this method doesn’t help you have to take backup anyway before doing do clean install.

    Downgrade from Windows 10 Pro to Home? – Microsoft Community

  4. So I found a video on youtube, and it explained how to do the registry editor stuff and activating windows using administrator command prompt, and it is now running windows 10 pro, and it is activated, but using what they called a kms. I’m pretty sure running windows 10 pro when I bought the laptop with windows 10 home is illegal, so I want to go back, no piracy involved. I would like to know the best way to go back, with a clean install, because all I have for external storage is about 52GB in the form of about 4 USB drives. Here is the link to the video I watched if you want to check it:

     and the link to the Microsoft site that allowed me to activate it using the code: . I have been really stupid, and I did all of that before anyone replied. Since it is activated, There are no error codes or options to troubleshoot, and would it be possible for me to reset my computer with the option that keeps my files, without having to do a clean install?

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