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Windows 10 Trouble : Install Windows 10
Error Trouble : The hard drive crashed in our laptop with Windows 10 loaded on it. How do we re-install Windows 10 on our new hard drive through Microsoft with existing software license?

User : Welbes
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Update : Last reply July 23, 2021
Solved : Schan—01
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How to Fix Install Windows 10 on Windows 10?

  1. Was Windows preinstalled on that computer originally or did you buy a retail license independent of any computer? If Windows was preinstalled, then it cannot be used on a different computer.
  2. EDIT: I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote this answer. Please forget about what I wrote.

    You may not need to reinstall anything. It depends on what you mean by “crashed.”

    If crashed means physical damage – the drive simply doesn’t power up – there’s nothing more that you can do. In that case, as Brian Tillman explained, if Windows 10 was pre-installed on your computer, you’ll have to pay for a new Windows license.

    “I’m a naughty Rottie.”
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  3. I misread your original statement and assumed you were moving to a new computer. If you’re installing a new hard drive in that same computer then there will be no activation problem if you install Windows cleanly. Use this guide to install WIndows 10 cleanly on the same computer:…
  4. There are other guides available as well, if you need one.
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  5. Hi Welbes

    Book a 32gt stick and when you load the media work on the tool then it will format another device.

    The license is digital when you end up with your own MS account.

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