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Help Technical Support Sucks Windows 10

Windows 10 Trouble : Technical Support Sucks
Error Trouble : I have a mac computer and need to install windows for my parallels software. I am trying to get help with this but I called 3 times and was hung up on after speaking with someone. On the four time, I was given a number but that number forces you to go to a website and then hangs up. The reason I want to speak to someone is that the website does not give me the information I require. All I can say is that mac support is so much more superior. I get someone right away that wants to help me. They do not send me to another number or website. They definitely do not hang up on me and only once they

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Question : Technical Support Sucks
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How to Fix Technical Support Sucks on Windows 10?

  1. Tech support stinks. Usually dispassionate people with very little experience in the product they are supporting.

    Maybe me or someone in this community can help you out — are you still stuck?

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