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Windows 10 Trouble : Unable to activate windows HELP
Error Trouble : Hey guys,My friend built my pc for me and said that windows was already activated before i received it. They have purchased new product keys but it still wont let us activate it. I have windows 10 pro and get the error codes 0x803f7001 and 0xc004c060.Please help. Ive done all of the trouble shooting, nothing works.

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Question : Unable to activate windows HELP
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How to Fix Unable to activate windows HELP on Windows 10?

  1. Hi Beca1512 –

    I’m Jerico T., one of the Independent Advisor and a fellow Windows 10 user like you. I understand that you’re having some issues right now, let us sort things out.

    I found a post relevant to your concern, please click the link below and follow the steps provided to troubleshoot your concern.…….

    Here’s a link also for additional troubleshooting steps.…

    Feel free to reach back if you need any further assistance.

    Hope this help. Have a good day.

    Thank you.
    Jerico T.
    Independent Advisor

  2. The error codes indicate they keys are not valid.

    There may be another reason for your issue, but we see posts from people with activation issues almost daily, and most of

    the time it’s because the key is not legitimate. Particularly with Win10 Pro.

    Where did your friend get the license keys come from ? Avoid Amazon, eBay or any on line site without a street address

    that sells keys at a significantly reduced price.

    Win10 Pro is the most commonly ‘pirated’ version of Windows. Frauds sell what is know as volume license keys that are

    meant for large businesses and these keys are re-verified by those businesses servers at certain intervals.

    When you buy one of these keys from a fraud it will activate for an unspecified period of time, then fail the test in the future.


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