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Windows 10 Trouble : Upgrading to Windows 10 Education
Error Trouble : I am currently a student using Windows 10 Home. One of my assignments require me to check my Local Security Policy on my PC, which isn’t available on Windows 10 Home. The school gave me a product key for Windows 10 Education to upgrade from Home. When I enter the product key and my PC reaches 100% for activation, I receive a message saying something has interrupted installation and cannot continue. Trying to figure out what could be some next steps to solve this problem.

User : JohnRoberts60
Question : Upgrading to Windows 10 Education
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Solved : Wiliam Dias
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How to Fix Upgrading to Windows 10 Education on Windows 10?

  1. Restart your pc and change the product key again.
  2. Hi @JohnRoberts60, your post is very welcome in our community.
    My name is Wiliam. I am an Independent Consultant and like you, I’m also a user of the Windows system for a long time. I am grateful to be able to help you today.

    I understand how difficult it is when the device or app won’t work in the way you expect, but this process is really simple for you.

    Basically you just need to select Start > Settings > Update & Security > Activation. Then select change product key and enter the product key provided by your school. After this select Next to start the upgrade and when your device is joined to the tenant domain (via AAD), it will be automatically upgraded to Windows 10 Education.

    Take a look at this article describing the process:…

    If this is not happening, I recommend that you contact your school to make sure that they have sent the correct key and that they have licenses available there also. The FAQ section on this page contains some additional information that may also explains possible problems.

    Best Regards
    Wiliam D.
    Wiliam Dias
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