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Help Windows activation product key Windows 10

Windows 10 Trouble : Windows activation product key
Error Trouble : What is the product key of ID 00331-10000-00001-AA587?

User : SaronAbay
Question : Windows activation product key
Update : Last reply May 26, 2021
Solved : Van Dennis
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How to Fix Windows activation product key on Windows 10?

  1. Hi, I am Van. I’m an Independent Advisor and a Windows user like you. I’ll be glad to help you today.

    We will not be able to determine the product key using the product ID. However, if you lost the copy of your product key and it was already installed on your PC you can try retrieving it using the methods below.

    Method 1.
    1. Open the command prompt and run it with administrator rights.
    2. Type or copy-paste the below command in the command prompt
    wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey
    3. The license key that has 25 characters should appear.
    4. If the license key did not appear kindly proceed to method 2.

    Method 2.
    1. Go to the Microsoft store. Search for ShowKeyPlus in the MS store search bar
    2. Download and Install the app.
    3. Once done, run the app. The app will show the current license installed on your machine.

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  2. Hi SaronAbay,

    May I ask if there is anything else I can help you with?

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    Van S.
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