How to Fix 0x800CCC92 Windows Live Mail Error

Error 0x800CCC92 on Windows Live mail in either Windows 10 or the earlier versions denotes either the Mail server cannot recognize your Email Id or your Email Id can’t reach the Host Address. The key reason belongs to the lack of connection between Email Address and Mail Server. The fix depends upon the individual’s circumstances.

We are here to write How to Fix 0x800CCC92 Windows Live Mail Error, which reverts with the flaws like credentials are wrong and results in incapable of logging in to account.

How to Fix 0x800CCC92 Windows Live Mail Error

1. Check whether the Mail Server is working

Type “Hotmail login” in the google search box and hit Enter. Open the live mail from the search result and log in with the Mail credential.

The successful attempt indicates the time to run SFC and proceed for the 3rd step. Oppositely, the negative result is sent back with the message either username or password is wrong.

2. It’s Time to Reset Password

An abundant case carries the message concerned with the password. If you are encountering password wrong message, then:

  • Hit the link – Can’t access your account – placed just underneath the Sign-in button intending to reset the password.
  • Check tiny round cell – I’ve forgotten my password followed by clicking Next.
  • Confirm the captcha furthermore create a new password.

3. Run SFC

  • After you are logged in, whether with a freshly generated password or with the old one, run the System file checker / SFC to Fix the 0x800CCC92 Windows Live Mail Error.
  • Press Windows logo key, type cm, and then hit enter,
  • Approve UAC confirmation interrogation pop up positively to launch the elevated command prompt.
  • Please copy the code SFC /scannow and subsequently paste it into the command prompt. Hit Enter to start the scanning procedure.
  • The status will continuously show the scanning process’s status on the command prompt, and the whole task takes approximately half an hour. Wait until the completion.
  • Attempt to log in with the freshly generated password in Windows live mail app. If everything is ok, then cheers; otherwise, navigate to the 4th Step.

4. Repair Windows Essentials 2012

Sometimes corrupted data existing in Windows live mail leads to prompt the error 0x800CCC92. To kill these flaws aiming to fix 0x800CCC92 Windows Live Mail Error:

  • Press Win+R, write control in the search box, and tap Enter.
  • Program and Features link is located at Control panel interface; press it.
  • In the open Wizard, scroll downward so long as Windows Essentials 2012 comes to sight. Execute a right-click on Windows Essentials 2012 and choose Uninstall/Change.
  • A box comes up comprising two links. Click on the lower link, which addresses – Repair all Windows Essential Programs.
  • It will take a few minutes and shows the status in the meantime.
  • After finishing the repair works, a small box conveying Done! is displayed.
  • Attempt to make a login after the completion of the process.

5. Match the Account details with ISP

Verify that the info of account written is based on Internet Service provider (ISP). Still, If the login is not successful, then you require exploring Windows live server settings.

6. Check Email Server Settings

Although the Mail server settings are configured and don’t need to tamper several times, this is a choice to follow.

    • Open the Control panel and click on Mail available there.
    • Click Add button placed under the General tab on the Mail wizard.
  • Write user id in Profile Name and click OK.
  • In the coming box, elaborate the information of account, tick square box before – Manually configure Server settings or Additional server type – at the lower portion, and press/tap on the Next button.
  • A fresh window appears with Internet Email checked; click Next.
  • Opt for your required server name to create the account following your necessity and click Next.
  • After the accomplishment of the configuration, sign in Windows live mail minus confronting with the error 0x800CCC92.

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