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Repair bluetooth How to fix Undetected Bluetooth on my Laptop Windows 10

Let’s continue reading Repair Bluetooth How to fix Undetected Bluetooth on my Laptop Windows 10. Have you ever wanted to send a file on a laptop using Bluetooth, but it wasn’t detected?
Annoying, right? What is the cause? Then what is the solution?

How to fix Undetected Bluetooth on my Laptop Windows 10

If you happen to have this problem again, here I want to explain it more deeply.

1. Enable Bluetooth Adapter Settings

Why is my Bluetooth not detected? The first reason is that the Bluetooth adapter is disabled. So that Bluetooth is not detected and cannot send files.Enable Bluetooth Adapter Settings

We can return Bluetooth to the enable position so that Bluetooth can be active. You need to do these steps through the Device Manager menu:

  1. In the Windows search field> Type Device Manager
  2. Continue to open the Device Manager
  3. Now you can see will detect many adapters there.
  4. Look for the Bluetooth section.
  5. When you find it, right-click the adapter, then select Enable.
  6. Thus Bluetooth will be active. In this menu, the cause of the Bluetooth problem, which is disabled, should be resolved. At the same time, we can also find out the reason.

This step is one of the causes and solutions to fix a laptop’s Bluetooth not being detected.

2. Adjust Discoverable Bluetooth Settings

How do you fix that didn’t work Make sure your Bluetooth device is still discoverable? If the Bluetooth problem is not detected when enabled, but it has no effect, the next step is to check the discoverable Bluetooth settings.

Function: This discoverable setting serves to ensure that Bluetooth can be seen by other devices when it is active.

Here are the steps:

  1. First, please open the Control Panel
  2. Then open the Device and Printers menu
    Adjust Discoverable Bluetooth Settings
  3. Right-click the laptop icon, then select Bluetooth Settings.
    Fix Bluetooth Settings
    You can also open the Bluetooth menu via the Bluetooth icon, right click> and select Settings.
  4. Then try to find the Discovery or Visibility settings. Here This way can identify the problem of undetected Bluetooth.
    Bluetooth Visibility settings
    You must adjust it until the Bluetooth can work again.

3. Reset Bluetooth Service on your laptop Windows 10

How do I fix my Bluetooth on my laptop? Service is a program set to activate the Bluetooth adapter every time the user will use it.

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device does not have bluetooth windows 10The problem is, when the service is not running, Bluetooth will automatically appear undetected.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click Windows key + R, then on the menu, type services.MSc and press OK
    Reset Bluetooth Service laptop Windows 10
  2. Next, we will see quite a several services there. Please look for the Bluetooth adapter

    Bluetooth adapter setting
    Bluetooth adapter setting
  3. Then open the settings by right clicking> Properties

    Bluetooth support service property
    Bluetooth support service property
  4. Then click the Start button
    Bluetooth support service property start
    Bluetooth support service property start

    If you want to make it simpler, you’ll also see Startup Type Settings in the Properties menu. Please select Automatic.
    Thus the Bluetooth service will automatically run even though you have just turned on the laptop.

4. Check the Bluetooth Driver

Check the Bluetooth DriverHow do I make my laptop Bluetooth discoverable? The Bluetooth driver on the laptop needs a driver too for the adapter to work.
You can say that the services and settings can find part of the drivers.
In some cases, there is also a problem wherein the laptop will detect that the driver has become corrupted, which makes Bluetooth not working correctly.
Usually caused:

  1. Update drivers that are not yet suitable
  2. Virus
  3. Unstable storage
  4. Incompatible system
  5. And others

It is effortless to fix this by reinstalling the drivers for proper compatibility.

5. Reinstall the Bluetooth Driver in Device Manager

We can also find the Bluetooth driver in the Device Manager.
There are a few tips that we can do here, namely reinstalling (reinstalling) the Device Manager driver.
The result is influential enough to overcome the laptop Bluetooth adapter is not detected.
For the easy way. You can follow the steps below:

  1. First open Windows Explorer, then continue right-clicking on Computer (This PC) and select Properties
    Reinstall the Bluetooth Driver from Device Manager
  2. Look on the left side of This PC. There are several menus. Select Device Manager
    Next, look for the Bluetooth driver> right click> then select Uninstall This Device

    Uninstall Bluetooth Driver
    Uninstall Bluetooth Driver

    Follow the driver removal guide to complete

    When you have finished uninstalling the driver, you can immediately restart the laptop.

    After the laptop turns back on, the Bluetooth adapter did not detect, will return to normal.

6. Not yet? Use Additional Adapters

What if you can’t? If you have tried to apply the previous steps but still fail, the Bluetooth adapter may have a problem.

If you have a problem like this, you have to do the accurate service. But as we know, repairing components is a bit complicated and quite costly.

Another solution can try a USB Bluetooth adapter.

Bluetooth USB Prices For Certain Types

The USB Bluetooth adapter is a device that allows laptops without even a Bluetooth component to have a Bluetooth function.

These adapters are very common, including in online shops Like amazon. You also can check the related product that compatible with your laptop series below.

Because the adapter is different from the default laptop, the drivers also used each other differently.

That’s a review of Repair Bluetooth How to fix Undetected Bluetooth on Laptop Windows 10. Even though other applications or methods for sending files (such as WIFI), sending files via Bluetooth is still preferred.

The reason is that it is easy, and almost all cellphones now, both the old ones and the newest ones, have Bluetooth features.

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